Lee Harper's Goalkeeping Academy

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My son Rudi loves going to Lee’s Goalkeeping sessions ! Rudi has learnt so much from Lee already and still continues to enjoy learning all the skills and techniques he has to offer … you won’t find better coaching around … Can’t recommend enough.

Caroline Henderson 31/05/23
Michael has been attending Lee's sessions at LHGKA @ Abbey Rangers FC for over 2 seasons now. Lee's sessions have significantly improved Michael's all round game through Lee's variety of technical drills/circuits that are always well organised/planned ahead. In 1 season Lee has helped Michael in moving 2 groups up within his football club, he has also recently got into Chelsea's advanced development centre. Michael has attended other GK Training sessions in the past, LHGKA is definitely the best in the area and is excellent value for money...

Michael Krajewski 25/04/23
My son Jake has been attending Lees academy for 6 months now,and has improved so much.His kicking,catching,just listening to Lees advice has helped him get player of the match on a few occasions recently. Such a nice guy,who gives all his lads 100% time and effort individually and as a group.Thanks Lee.

Ady Dalton 23/04/23
My son Hunter has been with Lee for just over two years and his progress has been great to see. Lee has developed the football side as well as the traditional goalkeeping and Hunter loves going to his sessions. I couldn't recommend LHGKA highly enough for any aspiring keepers and of all the coaches Hunter has had Lee is hands down the best.

Dylan 19/4/23
Jack loves going to the weekly sessions and has learnt so much. Great facilities and the drills are always changing.

John Stephenson 19/4/23

It is definitely the best! We tried a few goalie trainings although my son never enjoyed any this much! He’s been going to Lee’s trainings for 2 years now and his confidence and ability has changed so much! Brilliant entertaining trainings! Thanks Lee and the team!

Beatrix Caceres-Varga 19/4/23

Our son, in September 2022 at the age of 10 decided he wanted to play football and be a goalkeeper (having never showed interest in sport). He went to put local team and the manager said he couldn't put him in the squad. He was still determined to stick with goalkeeping. We googled goalkeeper training near us and came across lee harper. At that point it was December and our son had a few appearances in friendlies but was subbed more than anything. New year and training began within weeks he was now first choice keeper and opposition coaches regularly commenting on his ability to shot stop and how he closed off angles. Lee has recently asked him to step up to the next group which has older kids but Lee has ensured he felt comfortable. Long way to go for our young lad to go but everyone has noticed how much he has evolved in 3 months and the team manager is getting excited about where his development will be next season. Lee helps kids of all ages and has helped Finns confidence and enjoyment of football. Thanks lee.

Andrew kelly 19/4/23
My year 3 son Morgan has been training with Lee since June 2021 and his improvement is no end. Lee’s sessions are uniquely prepared and prepped to teach the keepers a variety of skills. He adapts his approach depend on the child’s needs and personalities . He is warm welcoming and friendly. Morgans grassroot coaches and parents alike have commented on his progression not only his skills but also his confidence leading Morgan to become captain and receive multiple man of the match awards. Thank you lee
Emma Quigley 11/10/21 2:44

My Son Will started his training with Lee as a newcomer to the goalkeeping world. Now after two and a half years he is unrecognisable from the shy quiet lad to a confident, capable keeper. He is now playing 3 tiers above where he started and continues to grow and learn at every training session. He has nothing but full respect for Lee in his coaching methods and his inclusion of all that train. I would definitely recommend any budding young keepers to join the lhgka family. It has worked wonders for Will.
 Tom Bewley 5/10/21 9:53

My son Ben has been going to Lee's coaching sessions for over 5 years now and has improved no end! Lee teaches how to deal with situations that you may come across in a match, and will stop and explain so that it has been understood by everyone! Ben enjoys Lee's sessions and looks forward to them every week. Lee's coaching is 1st class and you can see that everyone involves listens and takes everything in and at the same time enjoy his coaching.

If you are looking for a first class goalkeeper coach look no further than Lee, and you will not be disappointed!!

Sue Pearcey -  9:56 AM on May 4, 2021  by reyesafc@aol.com

My 17 year old son Robert, has been training with Lee in his group sessions on a Tuesday evening for over a year now. The improvements in all parts of his game is extremely obvious, from his awareness and shot stopping to his kicking. The follow on from this is not only becoming a regular starter in his own age group, but also now training and making his debut with the year group above. I would thoroughly recommend this goalkeeper coach to anybody that is holding dreams of possibly reaching the highest level they possibly can.

Kevin Manly -  8:08 AM on May 3, 2021  by kevinrsymanly@gmail.com
Harvey joined Lee's academy about 5 years ago and at that stage he was a combative central midfielder who wanted to play as a Goalkeeper, so very much a blank canvas. Harvey has progressed incredibly with Lee and now at 16 he is now part of his Advanced academy. The sessions are always varied and Lee will always adapt a session to help goalkeepers who have a part of their game they are struggling with or want to improve on. Most importantly the kids enjoy the sessions and show respect to the coach so you dont see any messing about across the age groups yet they can still have a laugh whilst training hard.

Andy 6:32 AM on May 2, 2021  by andy.bolland75@gmail.com

My son Oscar has trained with various Goalie Coaches over the last 2-3 years...Lee is the best by far. Each session is planned well and the kids are all engaged throughout. Lee also stops and explains why he is doing something rather than just expecting the kids to do it just because he says to. Oscar has improved massively and he looks forward to Lees sessions.

Mike Noto - 5:11 PM on May 1, 2021  by Mikenoto@hotmail.co.uk

If you are looking for the best in goal keeper coaching, then you will find exactly that in Lee. My son has been with him for just under 3 years and in that time progressed from a passionate youngster - to having interest from 3 professional clubs, and now in an academy. Lee is not a GK sausage factory, it isn?t a mass venue where your child is lost in the crowd. What he offers is special. He knows his students and adapts his feedback and drills for each of them. He has an amazing style and truthfully cannot recommend him highly enough.

Sam -  3:50 PM on May 1, 2021  by Sambressington72@outlook.com

My son Harley has been coached by Lee for while now and I couldn?t recommend him highly enough. Harley enjoys his sessions each week and we can see how well he has progressed and is becoming a strong and confident Goalkeeper. Thanks Lee!!

Suzie Wallace - 3:14 PM on May 1, 2021  by swhitebread@ntlworld.com

My son has been coming to Lee for over a year and learned so much. His enthusiasm rubs off onthe kids and the children enjoy the sessions, thank you for your hard work and kindness.
Lala -  3:13 PM on May 1, 2021  by Soraya_raza@hotmail.com

My son Danny has been coached by Lee for over a year now, he has made massive improvements thanks to Lee?s coaching and at the end of every match he plays the coach of the other teams always call him over to say how well he has played, and this is due to Lee?s coaching. Danny has learnt so much since being with him, and is a different player now. We wouldn?t have him trained by anyone else.

Hayley -  1:59 PM on May 1, 2021  by hayleybethjaz@hotmail.co.uk
Will has been coached by Lee since he was 8 and he's now 15! Since joining Lee's advanced session Will has come on leaps and bounds and is showing all the skills and techniques to be a decent sweeper keeper. He plays for an EJA side on Sunday, and its due to excellent training from Lee that he is more than valued wherever he goes! Lee's drills are well thought about, and organised, and GK can apply what he teaches easily to match days. Confidence, skill and technique is everything you will learn at Lee Harper GK Academy ????
Suzie Hamm-Bury - 12:43 PM on May 1, 2021  by Radiohamm99@aol.com 
We can't recommend Lee's coaching highly enough - Oliver has been with him for a number of years, and has never lost his enthusiasm due to Lee's excellent, hard work but fun sessions.  Oliver has developed in skill, technique and confidence, and is now with a semi-pro side. Lee will bring the best out of every young keeper.
Paula Kirkup -  12:24 PM on May 1, 2021  by neil.kirkup@sky.com